EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. – After months of waiting, El Dorado County Planning and Construction has released the results of the valuation based on the Meyers Commercial Cannabis Retail Selection appraisal.

After the county sheriff’s department, air quality management ward, and planning department received contributions, the planning and construction department announced the finalists from a short list of three applications.

The three Embarc, Charles Boldwyn and Tahoe Honey Company are vying to have the cannabis retail business in downtown Meyers. Embarc, who runs a cannabis business in South Lake Tahoe, leads the group with 20 points, followed by Boldwyn with 19 points and Tahoe Honey with 16. Embarc has suggested going to the current gym. Boldwyn bought the old wedding chapel for his business, and the Tahoe Honey Company planned to get into the pizza business. All three are on US 50 in Meyers.

“We are excited to expand Embarc’s presence and relationships in the Tahoe Basin,” said Greg Daum, owner of the property Embarc goes into. “We look forward to providing patients and customers with access to cannabis in a second location.”

Ratings were based on the following equally rated criteria: distance to residence, security plan, odor control plan, background check, and plan to prevent theft and access to cannabis and cannabis products by those under the age of 21 unless they have a valid medical cannabis card.

The selected applicant must submit a full commercial cannabis retail application and associated application fee within five working days of the announcement of their selection.

Applications were assessed independently by the departments with expertise in the relevant areas, and the ratings of each category were not shared or discussed between departments during the assessment process. The assessment criteria are generally described as follows, with more specific criteria being specified for each category that can be viewed on the Planning website:

1. A score of 1 hardly meets the minimum standards that must be considered complete
2. A score of 2 goes slightly beyond the minimum standards
3. A score of 3 exceeds the minimum standards but is still an average plan
4. A score of 4 is higher than average but lower than the best plan
5. A score of 5 is the best possible submission

The results:

Boat – 20 points
Distance to a place of residence – 2
Security plan – 4
Odor Control Plan – 5th
Background check – 5
Plan to prevent theft and entry – 4

Charles Boldwyn – 19 points
Distance to a place of residence – 1
Security plan – 5
Odor Control Plan – 3
Background check – 5
Plan to prevent theft and entry – 5

Tahoe Honey Company – 16 points
Distance to a place of residence – 3
Security plan – 4
Odor Control Plan – 4
Background check – 1
Plan to prevent theft and entry – 4

If the selected applicant fails to submit a full application and payment within 5 working days of the date of this letter, that applicant will be disqualified and the applicant who finished second will be given the opportunity to submit a full application and a full payment to be submitted days of notification.

If the second place applicant fails to submit a full application within 5 working days of notification, the third place applicant will have the opportunity to complete a full application and a full application within five days of notification Submit payment.

After the complete application has been classified as complete by the district, the applicant follows the described procedure for approval of the conditional use. All information submitted as part of this evaluation process must be included in the complete application.

Compliance with the Security Plan, Odor Control Plan, and Theft Prevention and Access Plan submitted for this assessment process will be included as a condition of any permit issued. Changes in the project or plans that adversely affect or reduce the key components of these plans may result in disqualification due to the reliance on these plans during the evaluation process.