The Idea Academy organized a free webinar given by a top expert from the prestigious McGill University in Canada that looked at the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In 2018, Malta passed the Law on the Production of Cannabis for Medical and Research Use, which legalized the production of cannabis for medical and research use for the first time.

Cannabis sativa has been a crop that has been produced and used by mankind for up to 8,000 years. There are two basic types of production, often referred to as “cannabis” and hemp. The former is high in THC and is commonly associated with recreational use. Hemp has two main uses: fibers, which are suitable for making rope and textiles, and types of CBD for medicinal purposes.

Over the past 100 years, our understanding of plants and biology in general has expanded tremendously. Most of the time, cannabis sativa has been classified as an illegal drug and little or no research has been done. However, the legalization of medical cannabis is currently expanding rapidly.

During this webinar, hosted by Dr. Donald L. Smith of McGill University in Montreal, Canada and presented by Dr. Smith and his PhD / Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Rachel Backer, the current legal status of the crop is taken into account. current knowledge of the genetics and production practices of the crop. Challenges and knowledge gaps related to culture are also addressed.

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in understanding cannabis in terms of production and considerations about the conditions that lead to plants with desired properties, including cannabinoid levels.

The webinar entitled “Bud Basics: Growing Cannabis for Medical Use” will be held on Tuesday, September 14th at 6:00 pm.

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