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Medical cannabis is to be discussed at the city working session


RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – At tomorrow’s working session, the Rapid City Council will discuss medical cannabis.

Instead of monitoring marijuana use, the city wants to discuss where the manufacturers of the product will be placed.

Although medical marijuana has been legal since July 1, the state has not yet enacted regulations to legalize it.

“All the parishes have been waiting to see what the state does, and at this point a lot of parishes are either moving around without knowing what the state rules are or doing something like us doing what is called” We’re going to zone this or regulate where these are in place, but we can’t really get our rules passed until we know what the state is doing, ”said City Attorney Joel Landeen.

Landeen hopes to receive guidance from the state in the next few months.

Ultimately, the city council will finalize the rules and regulations for medical marijuana, but would like to include public input in the process.

“We need input from our elected officials and our community as a whole so that Rapid City gets exactly where it needs to be, as our final design will look like. We’ll come up with options and an outline, then listen and make revisions if necessary, ”said Vicki Fisher, director of community development.

The city council’s working session is scheduled for Wednesday at 12.30 p.m. in the council chamber

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