The digital media agency Next & Co has added two clients, the health network Healthia and the medical cannabis clinic Cannadoc.

The independent digital media agency Next & Co has added two new ASX-listed customers to its growing portfolio: the integrated health network Healthia and the medical cannabis clinic Cannadoc.

The agency will manage the digital media strategy for both companies after a competitive pitch process.

Healthia, which operates a network of podiatry and physiotherapy clinics, as well as B2B companies, joined Next & Co after the agency reviewed the company’s digital media advertising spend through its new media audit tool Prometheus.

The tool, which was officially launched in May 2021, was developed by the Next & Co team and enables advertisers to find out the efficiency of their digital ad spend on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing. Advertisers can choose from built-in KPIs, including leads, customer conversions, ROI and reach, and then use the auditing tool to pinpoint the exact waste of their annual digital spend and determine where that waste is occurring.

According to Leann Ellison, Chief Marketing Officer of Healthia, Next & Co differs from other agencies in its auditing methodology.

“After moving to the role of Chief Marketing Officer, it was absolutely crucial that I be digitally successful. Next & Co was significantly involved in the implementation of digital audits as well as paid and digital SEO strategies. Following your ideas, we are already achieving double digital growth in online bookings, a significant reduction in cost per conversion and an improvement in media waste for all Healthia brands, ”she said.

Next & Co founder John Vlasakakis said he looks forward to working with both companies to improve their digital offerings.

“With more than 10 years of experience serving health brands and ASX-listed companies with digital media, we are excited to leverage our intellectual property and methodology with Healthia and also in the ever-growing medical cannabis space with Cannadoc. There are lots of quick wins out there so we look forward to scaling any company with their commercial goals, ”he said.

Both appointments are effective immediately.

Prometheus, for which a worldwide patent has been pending, has been used by more than 300 companies including SMBs, large multinational corporations and ASX-listed companies with advertising budgets of millions of dollars. Prometheus is offered free to advertisers and can also generate bespoke reports for a fee.